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At Ease: Support for Military Families with LGBTQ+ Children and Teens

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Military families with LGBTQ+ dependents have a unique set of challenges. Moving every few years means reevaluating the cultural norms, laws, schools, and support of LGBTQ+ people at each location. It can feel overwhelming trying to find support for your LGBTQ+ child and yourself. In this new publication, you’ll find valuable information designed to help you navigate the military system and find the support that your child— and your entire family—need. You’ll also hear from other military families, parents, and youth on similar journeys. Some have since retired from military service, their LGBTQ+ children now grown. Others are still very much in the thick of it, with active duty service members and spouses serving our country while raising LGBTQ+ youth. We hope you will find this publication both enjoyable and informative.

The staff and volunteers of PFLAG National feel honored to work with military families to help them better support their LGBTQ+ loved ones.

Looking for the Spanish-language translation? Visit pflag.org/Descansen.